Race Calendar 2021

May 16, 2021

13.04. Schönbuch MTB Trophy 48 km
05.06. Albstadt MTB Classic 46 km
12.06. Hero Dolomites 86 km ?
04. - 10.07. Bike Transalp 500 km
13.07. Albstadt Bike Marathon 83 km
18.07. Württemberg-König 1,94 km
31.07. Nordschwarzwald Trophy 80 km ?
26.09. Mesa Parts Trail Hype 60 km ?
03.10. Albgold Trophy 88 km ?
10.10. Tremalzo Bike 51 km ?

So this is waht my (updated) race calendar for 2021 looks like. Already some race got cancelled and with the remaining ones it’s still not clear if they will happen.

The organisers of the Hero Dolomites in the north of Italy seem to go forward with their plans to actually do the race on 12th of June. Since today it is possible again for EU citizans to get into Italy without quarantine if you bring a racent negative COVID-19 test. Still I don’t know if I will go if the Hero takes place.

With the Transalp it’s particularly interesting how they will organise the mass sleeping halls. In past years there always was a big sport hall or something like that where hundreds of riders could sleep. I suppose this kind of accommodation is out of question for this year. I signed of for the Transalp Camp so we’ll see what happens. At least and in contrast to the official saying of the Hero you can cancel your sign up for the transalp and get a full refund.

Nordschwarzwald Trophy and Albgold Trophy seem much more realistic to me, as they take place at a later date and would not mean any hassle for me with accommodation and travel.

Let’s see if I manage to do more than one race this year. 🙃