Season Start

Dec 4, 2021

I just did an FTP test to dial my training plans in according to my current power. The result were 260 W. One year ago I did 233 W. The last time I was around 260 W was in March of 2021. I hope that means I can “easily” gain another 30 Watt until March and maybe get over 300 by July when the Transalp starts. 😬 But maybe the relatively good result today is just because I was super well rested after a more than four weeks long off season.

This winter I try to incorporate a little bit more lifting. While Covid-19 is soaring here in Germany I will not set foot into a fitness club so I won’t be able to do really heavy weights (as I should). But I hope some quality core work and a bit of dumb bells work will also do something.

Also I try to do a (trail) run at around 5K each week. I hope that will help with my occasional backpain and increase general stability. Also it is something else apart from sitting on a bike all the time.