Race Calendar 2024

Feb 13, 2024

07.04. Wörthersee Gravel Race 144 km
27.04. Schönbuch MTB Trophy 48 km
15.06. Hero Dolomites 71/86 km ?
01. – 07.07. BC Bike Race 227 km
??.07. Württemberg-König 1,94 km ?
08.09. Alpine Gravel Challenge 100 km ?
15.09. Brezel Race 110 km ?
??.10. Albgold Trophy 88 km ?

This year there are two main events for me.

The first one is the UCI Wörthersee Gravel Race already in early April in Austria. This is another race of the UCI Gravel World Series. If I manage to get into the top 25% of my age group I would qualify for the UCI Gravel World Championships. Last time in Belgium this didn’t work out. But I hope that I will be in better shape this April and I think the course does fit me a bit better. It is still too much flat road for me to be a perfect course, but there is a relative huge climb in the middle which should suit me very well. I hope I can make the difference there and sit in some well working groups before and after.

The second one is of course the BC Bike Race in British Columbia, Canada. I wanted to participate in this legendary race since at least ten years. It was always a far fetched thought, because to go there from Germany is not cheap and the race itself is also not cheap. For the BC Bike Race the result is not the most important thing. The goal is just to get through it well and healthy and have fun doing it. I’m a bit afraid of the tech. I can’t really judge if it will be a bit out of my comfort zone or if I will be just fine. Because of that I’m already preparing my bike and testing different tyres and stuff. It’s also planned to go to some kind of “tech training camp” this spring.